Nutritionist and Wellness Coach

Deepti Bansal Seth (14 Years Experience)

Driven by the concept of Wellness and preventive healthcare. I am working in the field of weight management and lifestyle related disorders since 10 years. My unique concept of bringing together the cutting edge modern nutritional research knowledge and the ancient Indian Healthy lifestyle habbits with yoga therapy, helps me to prepare personalized diet programs which has helped me successfully coach over thousands of people on healthy food habits and lifestyle, that helps in psychological as well as physiological upliftment.


BHSc & MSc Nutrition & Dietetics from Nirmala Niketan College.

Certified 500 RYT yoga teacher from The Yoga Institue

UGC NET Qualified


Ayurvedic Nutritionist

Lecturer / Writer

Former Rearch coordinator with Dr Nadeem Rais

Deepti Bansal Seth: Conduct worshops To name a few

a). Nirmala Niketan college of social sciences


c). Newspapers & magazines.

Weight Management

Weight Management

Weight loss is not an endless, futile struggle when its approached logically, with health achievement is the prime goal. What happens with this is that weight drops naturally and effortlessly and it stays off.



Diabetes is divided into type 1 or insulin dependent diabetes and type 2 or non insulin dependent diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is usually the end result of many years of chronic metabolic insult and although it is possible to manage the blood sugars with the natural approach given, it good perseverance. Reducing abdominal fat and lifestyle changes come as the first hand treatment goals. The first step in the treatment of type 1 or type 2 is a thorough diagnostic work up. Then a diet, exercise and supplemental program suiting your body needs is made.


Immunity Boosting Diet Plan

To tackle seasonal allergies and food intolerances


Hair & Skin Care

It is important to be healthy inside to see the glow outside. Natural remedies for hair and skin conditions.